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Between tradition and modernity: The true taste of Corsica

Published on Monday 28 January 2019

Sweet or salty, with or whithout alcohol... We take you on a tour through for a journey where your senses will be revealed.

Between tradition and modernity: The true taste of Corsica




The seasons follow each other but are no longer alike. Bees are the first concerned about our climate change. They continue to provide honey to our beekeepers. We invite you to discover their facilities with confidence during their open days in July. You will find slightly raised chestnut honeys, softer mandarine, more bitter arbutus (a sour taste which are loved by our Italian neighbors) and seasonal blends in the form of spring and summer bush honey.


The seasons follow each other but are no longer alike. Bees are the first concerned about our climate change. They continue to provide honey to our beekeepers. We invite you to discover their facilities with confidence during their open days in July. You will find slightly raised chestnut honeys, softer mandarine, more bitter arbutus (a sour taste which are loved by our Italian neighbors) and seasonal blends in the form of spring and summer bush honey.

An unmissable talk with these charismatic men and women who will talk to you about Corsican plants and nature as nobody!
Two addresses not to be missed : A Matricula, created by the family Gras, beekeeper from father to son, welcome you to Santa Reparata for you to taste their quality products, approved by the AOP / AOC Mele di Corsica.
In Calenzana, Marie & Colin Dupre make you discover, all year round by appointment, their exceptional products: honeys and fresh and dry pollen.

The biscuits

Calenzana Canistrelli and Zilia cuggiulelle are exceptional allies for coffee or snacks. Small biscuits that are just a bite size, the classics are white wine flavored, the most modern pistachio, chocolate, orange, anise seed... On the boulevard Wilson in Calvi, take a seat at the terrace of the “Gateaux corses” and enjoy the macaroons of Pierre Moretti flavored by the island scent (myrtle, lemon, citron, fig, chestnut, clementine ...) one of the addresses not to be missed in Calvi. Heading to Corte, do not miss the workshop and the gift shop of Anne Marchetti, who treats us, among other delicious treats, with her chestnut shortbreads.

Ice cream

Corsica, summer heat and edible aromatic plants. It did not take more to our chefs to find tasty flavors of ice cream. We invite you to taste the gourmet flavors of ice cream from Pierre Geronimi, in the south of Corsica. The Raugi ice creams of the Bastia artisans (on sale in Calvi) and those of José Salge (from St Florent), with soft mandarin or chestnut flavor (also available in some bars and restaurants in Calvi).

Fruits and vegetables

In the valley of Galeria Jean Luc Geronimi produces organic vegetables  that he sells in baskets and on the shelves of the Spar near Calvi under the name of L’Ortu di Babbo (the grandpa’s garden). Una lenza da annaquà (an agro-ecological association in northern Corsica) creates a link between producers and consumers by promoting the short circuit. Baskets and details of local products, AOC and organic to be found on the Lumio food market or to order on their website and delivered to your home : The unmissable Orée des Pins delicatessen shop in Calvi offers a range of fine local and international products, including a fine range of cold cuts and cheeses, but most of all, meals and desserts home made on site and to take away. We crave for seasonal fruit pies (apple, fig ...). We love it !

The herbs

Sensu, this small company is specialized in gathering wild plants, Samuel and Myriam put in glass the odors of our “maquis” (our Corsican bush) and sell herbs, salts and herbal teas, picked up and packaged by hand with 100% recyclable elements. Nepita, rosemary, myrtle, thyme and oregano come in many forms to the delight of our taste buds. Where to find them? mainly in the seasonal fairs (olive, almond, hazelnut ...) or in their website :

Olive oils

Corsican olive oil is protected by a protected designation of origin (AOC) and a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) at the European level to certify its origin and quality. The extreme sweetness in the mouth is due to its fully mature harvest where we find the intense scents of the “maquis”. Iconic culture of the Island of Beauty, the olive is sublimated in all its forms during the Fair of the Olive of Montemaggiore each July. Not far away, Frédérique D'Oriano invites you to visit an old oil mill now transformed into a shop selling local products: U Fragnu in Lunghignano offers oils, tapenades (the essential of the Corsican aperitif), olivette but also jams, donuts and other local crafts...


For excellent local products, we recommend Moracchini delicatessen, sold in the eponymous shop of Boulevard Wilson, in Calvi and manufactured in the village of San Lorenzo, not far from Corte where you will enjoy slices of coppa, lonzu and dry sausages ideal for the aperitif. Other addresses will be provided at the reception.


Round or square, white to orange, hard in a tome to fresh creamy, corsican cheeses are a concentrate of tastes and smells, from the most powerful to the sweetest. There are 5 types of cheese (depending on their production area and characteristics) with raw goat's milk or sheep's milk, each telling the story of a land and a passion. In Balagne, the Calinzanincu (from Calenzana) is square to slightly rounded, its dough is supple, white and without rind. Whether it is fresh or aged, we advise you to have it with fresh, dry fruits or jams (why not that offered in your home basket, fresh from the Domaine).



Zilia bottle in the village a natural water, low mineralized and very digestible. The factory can be visited on a simple appointment. The other Corsican water, Saint Georges is located in the mountains near Ajaccio. Sparkling side, although Zilia develops its, the original remains for all the Orezza, made in Castagniccia in the heart of the Corsican chestnut and having real medicinal virtues thanks to its high content of iron and natural carbon dioxide. Where to find them? In any supermarket or grocery store on the island.


Since 1996, the Brasserie Pietra has been enjoying its beers with chestnut in amber and blonde, herbs of the “maquis” in white, russet with cherry, raspberry and blackberry ... Since then, other micro -brasseries were created, thinking of the Lutina who left on flavors more fruity citrus, myrtle, muscat and more recently spirulina. La Ribella puts the Corsican soil in bottle with its innovative flavors like IPA at the nepita; Immurtale to the immortal; the Apa regina with honey; the Inferna, a black subtly combining the tobacco pepper and ginger silver medalist at the Salon de l'Agriculture. Organic beers and no artificial flavors with hops harvested on site and with the barley of the neighbor, the village water and other products from the mountains of the island for a strong Corsican identity. Where to find them? The Ribella range: at Spar, at E. Leclerc's organic store in Ile Rousse. Other tasty brands are found in any supermarket and grocery store on the island.

The aperitifs

We knew the famous Cap Corse, this wine flavored with cinchona (a shrub from Ecuador that is used especially for treatments against malaria), or sparkling moscato, inevitable ally of Corsican aperitifs, we suggest today to taste Capo Spritz, a mix of these two legendary drinks, designed by the Maison Mattei of Bastia. Now a fan of summer aperitifs! Where to find it? In any self-respecting bar!

We confess we love the sparkling moscato from the Domaine Orsini, set in small quantities (to buy directly at the Domaine on the road to Calenzana, or in a couple of lucky fine shop in Calvi). To be tried also is the Maison Casanova moscato in rosé (supermarket, fine shops).

The wines

La route des artisans « the craftmens road », it is also the wine road. The Balagne has countless vineyard opened to the public, like Pierre Acquaviva at Domaine Alzipratu : guided tour of the vineyard and cellars, followed by a degustation of wines with an assortment of fruits from the corsican cuisine, of course. From the terrace of the Domaine Orsini, you will admire the panoramic view of the bay of Calvi, before a wine tasting, have some appetizers, liqueurs and sweet touch. A giftshop is also onsite to bring a souvenir of this moment.

The Clos Culombu can be visited on a fat bike (several circuits all levels) or on a donkey on a guided tour through the vineyards, to know everything about how the geology and the land creates an ideal mixture that makes amazing wines, every single year, thanks to the Suzzoni family. The Enclos des Anges, near Calvi airport, revolves around the quality of the attention brought to every production. They have 3 references, one for each colour, and a limited production of 30,000 bottles per year, aged in concrete tanks to create a signature that is recognizable among all.

This list is, of course, not exhaustive and other craftsmen are to be recommended. We have at the reception, brochures on the Route des Artisans and on the Route des Sens Authentiques and we would be happy to share our good addresses. Until then, we wish you a nice tasting and most of all, beautiful meetings !

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