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new the spa packages

  • 5 half-day spa access package*


    Access to the SPA is open to the public from 9am to 6pm from November to April
    Half day rate: (includes access to the hammam, sauna, jacuzzi, play pool with massage jets, sensory shower, rocking bucket, ice fountain, fitness room & herbal tea room on site)

  • 5 Relaxing & sublimating massage package*

  • Massage and relaxation for two


    Access to the spa for 2 people + 2 back, neck and shoulder massages of 40min

*The packages are nominative, and therefore cannot be used by several people.

new Spa privatisation

  • Spa privatisation


    Up to 10 people, privatisation of the spa area for half a day

Facial Treatments

  • Skin cleansing

    1h00 - 70€
  • Reagenerative Care (Ideal for intense nourishment)

    1h00 - 95€
  • Reacnyl Care (Ideal for purifying and mattifying the complexion)

    1h00 - 95€
  • Reaprotect Care (Ideal for a deep moisturization)

    1h00 - 95€
  • Reanutri Care (Ideal for a tensor and lifting effect)

    1h00 - 110€
donna è
  • Donna è ritual face care

    1h00 - 115€

    For a deep cleansing, optimal hydration and an immediate radiance. Ritual: make-up removal with foam and micellar water, white sand scrub, steam and blackhead extraction, monoï massage and application of the lyocell moisturizing mask.

Body Treatments

Body scrubs

  • Slimming scrub with green tea

    45min - 60€
  • Fruity scrub vanilla & coconut

    45min - 60€
  • Black soap scrub & hammam

    15min hammam + 30min - 70€*
donna è
  • Corsican white sand scrub

    45min - 75€

Body wraps

  • Corsican sweet almond wrap

    30min - 60€
  • Shea butter wrap

    30min - 60€

    Ideal for intense nutrition after sun exposure, for a uniform tan. The skin is radiant.

* Extra charge can be applied for hammam

Scrub & Massage

  • Radiance & Brightness ritual

    15min of hammam + 60min of treatments - 115€*
    An energizing ritual for the body. The treatment begins with a 15-minute session in the hammam to detoxify the skin, followed by a black soap scrub of the entire body and a 45-minute massage. Your skin is purified, hydrated and radiant. *Extra charge can be applied for hammam
  • Indian breakaway

    1h30 - 130€
    A firming green tea scrub followed by an Ayurvedic massage with frangipani flower
  • Complete Slimming Formula

    1h45 - 180€
    A slimming scrub with green tea, followed by a palpate-roll massage and green tea wrap.
  • Polynesian ritual

    2h00 - 170€
    A fruity scrub with coconut and vanilla, followed by a Swedish massage with monoï oil and a shea butter wrap
  • new Detox Formula

    2h00 - 200€

    A body scrub with 3 salts, followed by a detox massage with immortelle and sea fennel oil from Réalia and a detox facial reflexology with immortelle oil.

  • * Extra charge can be applied for hammam

    Donna è treatments

    • Corsican Escape, scrub &: relaxation massage

      1h30 - 130€
    • "Eternal Immortal" relaxation massage & face care with immortal

      1h30 - 170€
    • "Ultimate Corsican beauty" scrub, relaxation massage & facial care

      2h30 - 200€


    • Relaxing & sublimating massage

      50min - 100€
      A massage using long pressures and movements. The alternation of varied and energetic rhythms releases the tensions and relaxes the muscles. It will plunge you into a state of absolute relaxation.
    • Energetic massage

      50min - 110€
      A unique and localized technique to instantly relieve tension. The different maneuvers practiced bring energy and balance to the whole body. Ideal to evacuate and start again on the right foot.
    • Regenerating massage with Corsican small clementine seed oil

      50min - 110€
      A deep and delicate massage. Corsican natural small clementine seed oil nourishes your skin and combines an anti-aging effect with a powerful oxidizing action.
    • Massage for sportspeople

      50min - 110€
      A massage that is essentially aimed at preparing, restoring or maintaining the physical condition of a sportsperson or an active person. Tonic and relaxing, it will drain toxins and relieve tension, warm the muscle before a dynamic activity and help maintain muscle tone.
    • Oriental massage

      50min - 110€

      This massage is inspired by the oriental tradition and stimulates the whole body. Delicately perfumed, the hands of the practitioner envelop you with slow and deep maneuvers and plunge you into a state of seclusion.

    • Anti-cellulite Massage

      50min - 110€
      Palpating and rolling movements for deep kneading. These movements are intended to loosen adhesions and release tissues in fatty areas for a slimming effect, it reactivate circulation and detoxify. For a smoother, firmer skin and a redesigned shape.
    • Shiatsu Massage

      90min - 170€

      A Japanese energetic massage inspired by traditional Chinese medicine that seeks to rebalance the
      circulation of vital energy (Qi). It is practiced with pressure from the thumbs, palms and elbows on precise
      points along the meridians targeting psychic, emotional and physical tensions.

    • Japanese KOBIDO massage

      50min - 90€
      KOBIDO is a facial massage technique of Japanese origin that works on the meridians and acupuncture points. It helps rebalance the circulation of energy in the face and neck. Firming massage.
    • Pregnancy massage

      40min - 65€

      Its primary objective is to relieve the body, providing it with the means to cope with physical upheaval. It also helps to alleviate some of the pains related to pregnancy and to give the mother-to-be a boost of energy so that she can fully enjoy this unique period. Pregnancy massage is also a source of relaxation and serenity. No essential oil.

    • new Facial reflexology

      50min - 100€

      Facial massage with pressure and drainage manoeuvres (using a jade stone roller).
      Facial and cranial reflexology is a manual relaxation technique with positive effects on the whole body.

    • Back, neck and shoulders massage

      40min - 65€
      A personalised massage accompanied by tonic, supple and relaxing maneuvers. It will target acute and/or chronic tension in the spine, shoulder blades and sacrum and will aim to relax and provide deep relief.
    • Facial and scalp massage

      50min - 75€
    • Light leg massage

      40min - 65€
      A personalised massage to detoxify and revive blood circulation through draining and toning manoeuvres.
    • Foot reflexology

      50min - 65€

    Candle massages

    • Ayurvedic or Swedish massage, cherry blossom

      1h00 - 100€
    • Hawaiian massage, Lomi-Lomi

      1h00 - 110€

    Beauty care

    Hair removal

    • Complete face (chin, eyebrows, lips)

    • Half legs/bikini/under arms

    • Full legs/bikini/under arms


    *Extra charge: - half bikini : 5€ - full bikini : 10€

    Beauty Look

    • Eyelash tinting and eyebrow care

    • Eyebrow restructuring and tinting

    • new Eyelash enhancement & tinting

      1h00 - 75€

      A technique that straightens the lashes upwards and gives them length and height.
      The eyes are open from the root of the lashes and become intense, while remaining natural.
      The lashes appear longer and denser for at least 4 weeks.
      Accompanied by a tint, you can say goodbye to mascara.

    Nail bar

    Beauty of hands and feet

    • Complete hand beauty with classic nail polish application

    • Complete hand beauty with french nail polish application

    • Complete feet beauty with classic nail polish application

    • Complete feet beauty with french nail polish application

    • Complete hand and feet beauty with classic nail polish application

    • Complete hand and feet beauty with french nail polish application


    Semi permanent polish by O.P.I

    • Semi permanent polish application for hands or feet

    • Semi permanent polish application for hands and feet

    • Semi permanent polish removal for hands or feet

    • Semi permanent polish removal for hands and feet

    • Semi permanent polish removal and application for hands or feet

    • Semi permanent polish removal and application for hands and feet


    Treatments in the water

    • One hour session


    Healing dance and Watsu allow many people to rediscover contact, touch sensitivity and release repressed emotions and energies. These practices and their benefits are adapted to everyone, to pregnant women for example, watsu allows, thanks to the support of water, to relieve the spine and joints, in order to regain a feeling of great lightness and freedom of movement.

    A session consists of a total release and deep stretching. The practitioner does all the movements for you, you are present to yourself and your sensations.

    The benefits

    • Back and muscle pain

    • Physical and psychological tensions

    • Sleep disorders

    • Anxiety

    • Neuromuscular Disorders

    • Tiredness and chronic headaches

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