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900m from the beach of Calvi, Domaine Villas Mandarine offers luxury villas with private pools and hotel services.

These holiday homes are designed to preserve the privacy of each guest, while gathering as home, family and friends.
Corsica, an ideal destination to relax and peacefully share special moments between small and large tribes.

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  • Villa 1 or 2 rooms

    Villa 1 or 2 rooms

    90 sqm to 120sqm of high tide foot
    Private swimming pool
    1 bedrooms -1 bathrooms or 2 bedrooms - 2 bathrooms
    2 people ans up to 4 people
    Adapted to people with reduced mobility

  • Villa 3 bedrooms

    Villa 3 bedrooms

    140sqm ground floor
    Private swimming pool
    3 bedrooms - 3 bathrooms
    Up to 6 people
    Adapted to people with reduced mobility

  • Villa 4 bedrooms

    Villa 4 bedrooms

    180sqm ground floor or on 2 levels
    Private swimming pool
    4 bedrooms - 4 bathrooms
    Up to 8 people

  • Villa 6 bedrooms

    Villa 6 bedrooms

    230sqm on 2 levels
    Private swimming pool
    6 rooms - 6 bathrooms
    Up to 14 people

Hotel Services

Hotel Services

„The service, at the heart of your holidays“

Because being on holiday is primarily about relaxation, service and friendliness are natural concepts, erected in true philosophy at Domain Villas Mandarine.
Here everything is conceived to make you feel at home, without the constraints of everyday life.

Services included Customized Services
Seminars & Incentives

Seminars & Incentives

In the center of the city of Calvi, 1h30 from Paris, Domaine Villas Mandarine invites you to the heart of the Balagne. This refuge of 5 hectares, situated between mountains and sea, offers to host seminars, company meetings or incentives, in a idyllic inclined to the success of all your events.

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  • Between tradition and modernity: The true taste of Corsica

    This week, we invite you to discover the men and women of Balagne and elsewhere in Corsica, who put their passion and energy at the service of the sublimation of the products of our beautiful island.

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    Corsica, "the island of beauty" is full of breathtaking landscapes, a boon for photography enthusiasts who share their love of Corsica through their shots.

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  • An idea of Spring in Balagne

    "From the perfume of its maquis, by far and with eyes closed, I would recognize Corsica" - Napoleon.

    As of the month of March, the season starts again for our greatest pleasure. In the nature, there is an explosion of colors, the maquis is blooming and parries Corsica with an exceptional smell of fresh flowers. The sun returns to the island of Beauty and illuminates the snow-capped peaks.

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