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The Villas Mandarine Spa

Spa & wellness

Enjoy our wellness centre and Spa at Domaine Villas Mandarine ! Enter a world where time stops and swept you away in any season...

Spa Villas Mandarine opens its doors to you, between the sea and the mountains, in the heart of the "garden of Corsica". Spa Villas Mandarine opens its doors to you, between the sea and the mountains, in the heart of the "garden of Corsica".This place, which fits perfectly into the landscape, has been designed to immerse you in the depths of Corsican nature and the scents of the maquis. A 300m² space dedicated to well-being and relaxation, composed of stones, wood and a large glass roof that opens and closes as time goes by.

It houses a swimming spa and play pool, a hot tub, a sauna, a hammam, a sensory shower, a rocking bucket and an ice fountain, two treatment rooms, as well as a fitnessIt houses a swimming spa and play pool, a hot tub, a sauna, a hammam, a sensory shower, a rocking bucket and an ice fountain, two treatment rooms, as well as a fitness area.

Many equipment, for your greatest happiness...

Our spa is open to external guests, by reservation only, the rate is 50€/person.
At the entrance of the Spa, the staff will provide you with a towel and a pair of flip-flops. Care products are for sale at the reception desk.

The Spa is accessible from 16 years old.

Under the glass roof

Swimming spa with massage jets

A mosaic pool under the canopy, composed of a counter-current swimming area, two elongated parts with massaging jets, a water fountain to massage the back and on the left side of the pool, 3 stations with jets at different heights to massage the legs, the stomach and finally the back.


Warm water, combined with the eddies, relaxes the muscles and acts against joint pain: ideal after physical exertion.

Hot tub

Hot tub equipped with nozzles propelling a mixture of air and water. The jacuzzi combines hydromassage, hydrotherapy and balneotherapy in 38°C water.


Relaxes, improves blood circulation, relieves joints and back problems.

In the covered area

Senses shower

Choose one of the 4 atmospheres, 4 pre-recorded atmospheres to stimulate all your senses and encourage you to let go which, at the end of the day, will make it easier to fall asleep. Polar, rain of tropical forest, Caribbean storm or white mist: each program combines the benefits of aromatherapy, light therapy and hydrotherapy that will stimulate your senses and invite you to relax. Aromatherapy: fragrances of essential oils of peppermint, mango or verbena are delivered by each of the programs and transport you to faraway lands. Luminotherapy then, a play of light projected on the walls to relax the eyes and support this journey. Finally, hydrotherapy, water treatment, the more or less strong jets, have the effect of relaxing the muscles.


The harmony of these effects will help you reboost your energies by stimulating your different senses: smell, hearing, touch and sight, giving you the unique sensation of being immersed in nature.

Steam room

The features of the hammam cabin are directly reminiscent of oriental traditions with its Briare enamel tiles and benches for optimal relaxation. When pushing the door open, let yourself be surprised by the intensity of the heat and the cloud of water vapour. Sitting or lying down, relax at a warm temperature with air humidity similar to the tropics and take the opportunity to make a scrub or a mask.


Improves circulation, eliminates toxins, clears the respiratory tract and cleanses the skin.
Recommended duration of a session: 10-15 minutes


A tradition originating in Finland and a true institution in Scandinavian countries, based on alternating hot and cold, our sauna is typically a room made of Finnish spruce wood with a high, low bench and headrest. In addition to the soft and pleasant scent of the wood, a play of lights invites further relaxation. Associated everywhere else with the relaxation of the body, a sauna session is ideal to chase away stress, toxins and strengthen the body.

Warning : the dense heat of the hammam and sauna equipment is oppressive immediately upon entering, and during the first sessions. It is necessary to have the agreement of your doctor and to know your ability to withstand the dry and humid heat of the sauna and hammam before entering. Not recommended for asthmatics and people suffering from respiratory problems.


Restores joy of life and tone, improves circulation, eliminates toxins and cleanses the skin.
Recommended duration of a session: 10-15 minutes

The rocking bucket

Take a cool break, get out and dare the rocking bucket. The alternation of hot and cold is characteristic of traditional sauna experiences. Pull the rope and enjoy the 7 litres of cold water.


Instantly invigorates aching muscles.

Ice fountain

Another essential element, the ice fountain allows you to optimize the effects of a session in a warm space where, instead of throwing yourself into the snow, you rub your skin with the looted ice, which accelerates the body's awakening. This is an essential step in the process of getting the body back into shape and in the ritual of alternating temperatures desired by Finnish traditions.


Awakens the body and mind.

Our spa also has 2 treatment and massage rooms, a nail area and a gym with bikes, elliptical bikes, weight bench, treadmill, floor mats, alters and yoga mats.

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