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Spa and Wellness centre

Enjoy our wellness centre and Spa at Domaine Villas Mandarine !

  • Jet de massage
  • Spa Verriere Ouverte
  • Salon exterieur verriere
  • Hammam
  • Massage
  • Sauna
  •  45A5410
  • Equipement Sport
  • Fontaine à glace

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    Enjoy a luxurious range of diverse experiences to cleanse your body and your skin, thus your mind !

    • Swimming spa & hot tub

    Enter the spa and let yourself ease and treat by a variety of jets working on different parts of the body to soothe any aching muscles. Enjoy the channel to swim against the flow.
    Benefits: Temperature, motion and pressure are the basic elements contributing to the relaxation. 

    • Senses shower

    Slide into the shower to stimulate your senses. Hydro, chromo and aroma therapies combines to embark you in a travel capsule and offers 4 differents atmosphere. Travel in the tropical rainforest, fly through a Caribbean storm, in a polar environment or in a white and blurry cloud using color lights and essential oils.

    • Steam room

    Also called “Turkish bath” or “steam bath”, the extreme heat humidity dilates the blood vessels, help circulation and cleanse the skin. Just sit on the ceramic and wait for the heat to act.

    • Sauna

    A dry heat treatment in a wood cabin with a high temperature (80-100°C) and designed to induce perspiration in order to cleanse the body.
    The heat, wet or dry, dilates the blood vessels, induce excessive perspiration and helps eliminate toxins. Seat back, relax and sweat in our steam room or in the sauna.

    • The Rocking bucket

    We dare you to pull the rope and the bucket full of icy cold water will drop and refresh your whole body.

    • Ice fountain

    After a time in the sauna or the steam room, we invite you to use the ice fountain which produces ice flakes. They’re designed to be rubbed on the skin to facilitate the cooling of the body and stimulates the blood circulation.
    Benefits : We recommend to alternate temperature treatments between heat and cold. The rocking bucket and the ice fountain will help improving your blood circulation by cooling your body and give you a wake up call !

    The wellness centre also have 2 massages and care room and a fitness room.
    The Spa is accessible from 16 years old.