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Article published on November 27, 2018

Corsica, "the island of beauty" is full of breathtaking landscapes, a boon for photography enthusiasts who share their love of Corsica through their shots.

A scenic landscape is not enough to make a beautiful picture. The aesthetic quality and the invitation to dream depends mainly on the eye of the one behind the camera, which has become more and more the telephone.

We share with you our favorite Instagram accounts, which stand out as much by the diversity of their interests as by the magical instant they managed to have captured.

The inevitable @julien.filippeddu

 Insta filipeddu

 The dreamer @cdt_lisa

Insta cdt lisa

The passionate @antho_7uciani

Insta Antho Luciani

The nomad @thibaut_dini

Insta Thibaut dini

The mountain guy @grissom2b

Insta Grissom2b

Of course we could mention many others, but we are also curious to discover new ones thanks to you.
One thing is certain, a whole life would not be enough to discover what Corsica has to offer.

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