Arrival date
Length of stay

General rental conditions 2019

Article 1 – BOOKING


Information provided in our brochures or on our website have been carefully chosen. If error detected, capture or printing, our reservation service will notify the tenant of any change in description of the service offered.
We draw your attention to the fact that the photos are in no way contractual and can not engage our responsibility. It must be regarded as mere illustrations.


For any booking, a deposit of 30% of the total reservation will be made either by bank transfer or credit card by communicating to us the 16 digits, expiry date and cryptogram, and your agreement for the collection. Reservations will be considered firm upon receipt of the deposit.

We recall that the Decree 2015-741 of June 24, 2015 limit cash payments to € 1000 for French residents and € 10,000 for foreign residents. An ID will be required for any payment from 1000 €.

The balance must be paid no later than 30 days before handing over the keys.  Cheques will not be accepted beyond the 30 days before arrival. It is asked for ID when paying by check.

Upon booking, the tenant must specify the exact number of people expected to stay. Exceeding the capacity of a "standard" but not going beyond the maximum capacity of the villa will be an addendum to the contract, and billed at our current rate. Beyond the maximum, the excess will be refused.

Guests : 
For safety reasons and tranquillity for all, any invitation must be reported to the reception.

Pets are welcome as long as their presence does not interfere with the peace or safety of other residents and respects the rules of basic hygiene. The owner will maintain the cleanliness of the place.


The customer can’t claim any compensation or refund if he reduces or interrupts his stay for any reason whatsoever, including strikes, medical evacuation and other cases of force majeure

Assignment of Contract:

The possible sale of the lease can only occur with the written agreement of Sas VILLAS MANDARINE.
The transferor and transferee, the contract will be jointly and severally liable in respect of Sas VILLAS MANDARINE of the rental price.

As there is no insurance in the rental rate, we do recommend you to subscribe a personal cancellation insurance.

Article 3 –STAY

Length of stay:

Tenants’ signatory(s) of this contract for a fixed period, could in no case avail himself of any right to maintain the leased premises at the end of stay. Any occupation that exceeds the limits laid down schedule may result in additional charges.

Villas are available on the day of arrival from 5pm and will be released to 10am the day of departure.

Early check-in (on request only, to be booked in advance, upon availability):
From 12pm until 2pm: 150€
Between 2pm and 5pm: 100€

Late check-out (on request only, to be booked in advance, upon availability):
From 10am to 12pm: 150€

States of play:

The villas are fully equipped with crockery, cutlery, linens, sheets and towels. It is expressly forbidden to use the beds without sheets.

A statement of inventory and inventory is delivered to the client's arrival. The client will check the arrival status, the inventory and the functioning of appliances and sanitary.

Sometimes, attendance and lack of time, do not allow us to conduct this review with the client. Thus, any break, damage or loss, if not proven by a representative of the Domaine Villas Mandarine, must be reported within 24 hours after the arrival in the villa. After this period the tenant's responsibility will be permanently engaged.

Article 4 –

A security deposit of 1200.00 € for the 3 or 4 bedrooms villas and 2000.00€ for the 6 bedrooms villas will be claim on the arrival day (by cash, check or credit card authorization).

 This deposit will not be cashed but on credit card, the bank save the amount during 3 to 4 weeks. If the inventory and the inventory reported no problem or  if there is no special cleaning is required, provided that no damage or degradation have been found hidden, it will be returned to the tenant at his departure, or in a later than ten days after departure, if the immediate restitution is impossible.

The following conditions will apply:

  • Occupants are supposed to have received the villa in perfect condition and equipped with movable property contained in the inventory which is submitted at their arrival.
  • If there is damage, the owner and tenant must agree on the amount to be deducted from the security deposit. If the deposit is insufficient to pay the amounts owed by the tenant, the tenant is already committed by signing this contract to pay any overruns. Damaged goods will be rebilled at the replacement price without the application of age.
  • Occupants must leave the villa in the same condition than in their arrival and in possession of movable property as in the inventory.
  • Are considered as missing or damage, the state of cuisine and dishes that do not allow, without cleaning, the rental for the benefit of the next tenant. The amount of cleaning will be deducted from the deposit.
  • Any lost key will be charged €50 to the client.
  • The tenant is asked to take out liability insurance to cover the damage that could be caused.
  • The tenant is asked to check with the insurer's principal residence the quality of risk coverage "holiday" incurred as a result of this contract. A certificate of insurance will be required upon arrival.


Sublease, loan or changing residents are not permitted, except by express written agreement of the lessor.

Article 6 –CLAIMS

Any complaint during the stay must be reported immediately to the landlord so that he can solve the problem as fast as possible. The customer can not claim compensation in case of urgent repairs to be done during his stay inside the housing. Failure of appliances and technician’s intervention may need time to repair or provide new stuff. This is not eligible for special compensation and must be treated as incidents of same nature as those that may occur at home. Team Domaine Villas Mandarine will resolve in a reasonable time any incident.
Nuisance related to the maintenance of green spaces in the Domaine Villas Mandarine (outsides and inside properties), will in no case be the subject of a complaint or compensation. However, we ensure that these tasks are carried out under the best terms.

Failing to advise the staff, holiday will be deemed to go well, and no further claim would be received.


The access to the Domaine Villas Mandarine are under video surveillance (Article L251-1 and following Edited by ION 2014-626 of June 18, 2014 - Article 73)

Facilities includes swimming pool and facilities of the villa rented have to be used for their intended purpose, and under the whole responsibility of the tenant.

Use of swimming pools: it belongs to our customers to take all necessary precautions for the use of these facilities especially if they stay with young children; they are responsible for the supervision despite the provision of security alarm or a fence. It’s not allowed to dive

Any damage or destruction of furniture of the villas involves automatically the tenant’s responsibility. The tenant is personally responsible for any damage or loss made towards the villa, the Domain or committed by persons who reside with him or visit him.

The tenant is responsible for disturbances and nuisances caused by people staying in the villa. When a resident causes harm to other guests or to the integrity of the facilities, the stay may interrupt immediately and without compensation, without prejudice to any claims for damages that the Villas Mandarine Sarl and third parties could not argue against him.

Under section 1394 of the French Civil Code :  the customer is solely responsible not only for the damage he causes by his own act, but also for that which is caused by the people whom he is responsible, or for all goods (cars, luggage, cameras, jewellery, silver, etc) in its supervision. He will therefore take the necessary measures for them. Each villa has a safe with secret code within all objects and other valuables should be deposited. In any case, the lessor is not responsible for theft of personal effects in houses, on the park or in public areas.


 This lease is governed by French law, the Courts of the jurisdiction in which the lessor is registered as sole jurisdiction.