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What to do with kids in Calvi ?

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Yes yes, school is out. And today with your children as you arrive in your holiday home at the Domain Villas Mandarine in Calvi. Whether young or old, we found some fun and cultural activities combining the charms that can provide Corsica: nature and culture. These activities for children can obviously be suitable for adults, because after all, we are still the children of someone.

Beside animals

  • Ride on donkeys in the pine forest of Calvi or from the villages (particularly from Sant'Antonino).
    The opinion notice Mandarin: the donkey, this symbolic animal of Corsica will make you discover the pine forest, the mule tracks or the perched villages. We sit down, and we are guided.
  • For most adventurers, Horse rides Or initiation into the pony in one of the numerous riding schools of Balagne. The best for the riders: the bathing at sunset, the feet in the water.
    The opinion Mandarin: we are not riders, but we like particularly the kindness and the professionalism of the managerial employees.
  • A visit of Parc de Saleccia: A Mediterranean park ingeniously fitted out by Bruno Demoustier, landscape painter, at the heart of whom you will find all the vegetation from here and there according to thematic paths. Their bit extra: propose regularly recreational and creative activities for all the family. Goats dwarfs, gooses and ducks are also present ! Go to celebrate 10 years of the park, you will understand the expression: Balagne, garden of Corsica.
    The opinion Mandarin: a delight for the senses.
  • Observe the flora and fauna of river, aboard your kayak dans le delta du Fango, a fragile and protected natural site (only 30 minutes drive from Calvi). Open your eyes and look for the inhabitants: kingfisher, heron, egret or moorhen alongside European pond turtles and night heron. No need to book. This walk an hour or less (6 € / pers.), Can easily be combined with a swim in the water holes of the River Fango, ideal in summer.

On earth

  • Travel treetop adventure park risk with A Scimia Calvese In the pine forest with passage of obstacles and tyrolean to end.
    The notice Mandarine green difficulty levels (from 2 years), blue and red: trust in these professionals. eyes closed we go (but not during the course).
  • Mini golf 18 holes, to Calvi. Opened to 23 hours, ideal for a moment of relaxation after the dinner ( a little bit dilapidated course).

Concerning sea

  • In the water-sports clubor you can learn from exploration and discovery. kayak rentals, stand up paddle, catamaran or an optimist for a ride at sea Some apprenticeships for all ages are available, in joy and good humor of supervisors .
    The notice Mandarine a good time, to have a glimpse of the beach to the sea and begin to feel the first sensations on the water. Do not forget that Florence Arthaud sailing in the Bay of Calvi.
  • Desire to explore the sea bed of Calvi ? Why would let with you you not tempt by a first dive ? Activity accessible from 8 years and no age limit. For the happy graduates, you can go and have a Level I (4-5 days) in one of Calvi diving clubs. The spots such as the Library, the Pointe de Spano or that of Revelatta, the wreck of the B17 bomber at the foot of the citadel will have no secrets for you.
  • Thrill seekers on the water, try towed gearYousseph. Choice of: buoy, banana, flyfish, waterskiing, wakeboarding or monoski, but also the new sensation: the Flyboard or overboard. For calmer, paddle and stand up paddle.
  • On the beach also, an inflatable structure the establishment U Pinu is installed settled in the face of. For youngs and the least small. Space reassured with lifeguard, compulsory supplied vest. In the face of the establishment of beach U Pinu, opened of 10-19h, in season (in July and August).
  • Canyoning and climbing in Balagne with local professional guides. With the summer heat, why not learn a canyoning in the fresh and lively waters of Fango or forest Bonifato? The guides also offer an introduction to climbing or more technical routes for others. From 8 years, half day or day, follow the guide. And what is more, in nou, in Balagne. free shuttle from Calvi.

By staying in your Villa

At the end according to noon ? Rainy day ? Desire to go to a movie? We propose you the only cinema of Balagne situated in Red Island, le Fogata. An alternative: rent a DVD to Calvi and look at it quietly in your Villa (DVD player on request in the reception). We also have board games in the Reception.

And of course, the games around your pool and your large garden. Do not hesitate to ask for balls, rackets (badminton, table tennis, beach ball), bowling balls ...

We can also arrange the arrival of a baby sitter to care for them, time for you to think about other things ... the choices, Villas Mandarine is you who give the tempo your holidays.

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