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45-minute session

Provision of aquabikes directly in the pool of your villa. This practice helps to tones your bodyand effctively fight cellulite. Combining muscular strengthening and cardio.
Main goal : This course allows working the arms, the back, the abdominals, the gluteal muscles and the legs.
Benefits : Hydro-massage helps blood circulation and toxins elimination.

Training Course

circuit trainaing

45-minute session

Training method which consist in realizing several exercises one after the other, with not much or no time of recovery. Once all the movements made, the sequence is resumed since the begining.
Main goal : Strength and endurance improvement
Benefits : Improvement of cardiovascular capacities and posture, develops muscle structure. 

Muscular strengthening

45-minute session

This session allows to increase its muscle mass by practicing regularly series of exercises. It makes work as well the top as the bottom of the body.
Main goal : Increasing muscular volume and endurance improvement.
Benefits : Strengthening of the joints and the tendons. Better resistance of the cardiovascular system.

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CQP (Certificat de qualification professionnelle)
AGEE (Activités Gymniques d’Entretien et d’Expression)