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Gilbert Pascal GRAZIANI

Nature sports activities

sport et nature

VTT (Moutain Bike), Ride / Trek : 8 Kilometers by mountain bike, starting from your villa, your coach proposes a course (not too technical), quite easy on a mixed ground (75% land - 25% road) or a trek course according to the desires and cabilities of each one.

Running Aquamer : A 1 hour personalized session which perfectly combined running and aquatic activities. From your villa as departure point, your coach brings you to the beach of Calvi while running, then aquatonic session with a direct view on the citadel.

Running : Pleasure and techniques of running on varied courses, along with stretching and cladding.

Water activities

activites aquatiques

Swimming course : Learning and initiation to different swimming techniques.

Aquaphobia : Pedagogy based on different techniques in order to truely overcome your fear of water.

Early learning aquatic activities - Swimming baby : Thrive with baby, from 4 months old, provided that he had his second vaccination and that a preliminary medical examination had been made.

Family swimming school : The child develops various skills to ensure his own security in the water

Aquacardio / Aquagym : Sessions performed in the water, requesting the cardiovascularsystem and muscular strengthening throughout the body.

Discovering of different sports activities: Diving, swimming with flippers, competitive swimming.

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Diplômé d'Etat en Entrainement Physique et Sportif. DEEPS. Niveau II
Diplômé d'Etat des Activités de la Natation.
Brevet d'Etat d'éducateur Sportif des Activités de la Natation.
BEESAN. Niveau IV. Spécialisation / Options choisies du cursus de formation:
Entraineur en Natation Sportives et Bébés Nageurs.

Premiers Secours en Equipe 1. PSE1. A JOUR.