in Calvi und in Balagne

Magic White Fin - Der Verein I Sbuleca Mare

Tours aboard a 13 meter sailboat. From Calvi harbour.

For a day or a cruise, leave the land to enjoy it from the sea. Embark aboard the Magic White Fin, a sailboat of 13 meters.
Active members of the association I Sbuleca Mare which is fighting for the protection of the marine heritage in Corsica, Agnes the skipper, and Jean the sailor, will reveal the secrets of coastal and underwater fauna and flora.

From Calvi (Pontoon n°1) Agnès and Jean offer you different propositions:

  • Discovery (program to be composed with your skipper): half day (3h) 58 € (-12 years 47 €) - Day excursion (Departure 10h, return 17h) 100 € (-12 years 70 €) - Private day (9 places) Half day 430 € or day 800 €
  • Private excursion: depending on the destination (9 seats) price on request.
  • Mini cruise: 2 days and more (8 seats) price on request.

Excursion fees include the membership fee of 20€ per person. You become a member of the association and will be notified of all their actions during the year.

 06 31 01 36 91
 06 15 90 36 55